Welcome! I’m Björgvin Benediktsson

I'm an audio engineer, musician and entrepreneur. I help creatives make a greater impact with their work by teaching them how to promote themselves on the web.

What I Do


I’ve been playing music for over half of my life. I teach artists and music professionals to increase their income and improve their web presence, how to get more gigs and think of their music as a business. I’m a professional musician, playing guitar, vocals, and bass with bands such as Laura and the Killed MenEric Schaffer and the Other Troublemakers, and The Long Wait to name a few.

Audio Engineer

I help independent musicians sound their best in my home studio, the Icelandic Embassy. Since 2009, I’ve taught audio production and home recording to home studio producers through Audio Issues, releasing courses and eBooks such as the Amazon best-selling book “Step By Step Mixing.” In addition, I volunteer as a broadcast engineer for local bands at KXCI Community Radio.


I help other artists and entrepreneurs make an impact with their creations through my 5 Point Success Strategy. I also provide business development strategies and marketing optimization, including market research, thought leadership implementation and online presence maximization as a Senior Strategist for Nuanced Media.


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Audio Issues

Audio Issues gives you a solid understanding of the various aspects of producing music. You’ll get easy to use, practical production tips about music production and audio recording. I try to give you everything you need to know when it comes to producing your own music in your home recording studio.
Audio Issues

Icelandic Embassy Studios

We help you create a professional production filled with powerful performances to amaze your fans. Our team of two engineers gives you over two decades worth of experience in the audio industry working in genres from folk to metal. We strive to create an intimate and comfortable recording experience so that you can focus on creating...
Icelandic Embassy Studios

5 Point Success Strategy

Are you an entrepreneur or artist looking to improve your online presence to reach more clients, customers and fans? Through my 7 years of online business experience I can help you create a strategy around your business, whether you’re an aspiring author, music professional or blogger.
5 Point Success Strategy