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There’s a pretty cool announcement at the bottom of this post, but first, let me tell you a story.

Denise and Mark both run an online business. Mark is a full-time web developer with a full roster of clients, but he’s overworked and spread way too thin. He spends more time putting out fires and dealing with administrative stuff than he does doing actual creative work.

He gets leads from all over the place: texts from Instagram, people hitting him up on Facebook messenger, word-of-mouth referrals. He’s exhausted from managing all of his clients in so many different ways. He knows he needs to systemize and automate his services but he can’t motivate himself to figure out where to start.

Denise’s story isn’t as exhausting but she hates her day job and wishes she could transition into being a full-time music teacher. She gets clients from the local area but she lives in a small town and there aren’t enough clients so she can quit her day job. She wants to offer online lessons so she builds a simple website and hopes people will stumble upon her awesome music lessons. Unfortunately, nobody does and she doesn’t know what to do next.

Both Mark and Denise see an ad for a program designed for online business owners and side-hustlers that want to grow their business and increase their income.

It seems like the perfect solution for both of their problems:

  • Mark doesn’t understand how to systematize his business so that it can run in the background without him.
  • Denise doesn’t know how to create an online presence to attract the same types of clients she has in her local area.

Mark gets distracted by another random social media notification and ignores the program. Denise, however, gets intrigued and signs up.

In five weeks, Denise learns a step-by-step system for setting up an automated email marketing strategy that drives her business. She still has the same simple website, but the engine inside her website is tweaked to perfection.

  • She finds more clients by looking for high-value areas online and starts engaging with her community.
  • She creates a Youtube channel to showcase her knowledge of music and starts creating kick-ass content.
  • Her Youtube followers follow her all the way to her website where they sign up to receive the exclusive improvisational cheatsheets she created after talking to her subscribers.
  • Her email sequence builds her credibility even further to the point that six months later, she’s fully booked with students and can finally quit her day job to focus on the two things she loves doing: music and teaching.
  • Bonus points for Denise: She gets to create her own schedule so she always takes Fridays off to spend time with her friends.

Mark however? Mark’s not doing so good.

Six months later, Mark’s still overwhelmed and he’s beginning to doubt whether he really has time to do it himself anymore. He heard about a full-time position at an agency so he’s debating returning to the corporate world.

Sure, the money’s not great and there’s hardly any vacation time, but at least he doesn’t have to deal with the logistics of figuring it all out when he just wants to spend time with his family.

Those are quite different paths they ended on, just from one fork in the road isn’t it?

Let me ask you: if given the choice, would you pick Mark or Denise?

And if I could promise that you would get guaranteed results in only five weeks, would you ignore the offer like Mark, or take action like Denise?

If you picked Denise, you seem like the type of action taker that’s ready to excel at email marketing.

So let me ask you one final question: Do you want to translate your skill set into a sustainable online income by using only one marketing strategy?

If you would like to start translating your skill set into a sustainable online income by using only one marketing strategy (with guaranteed results in five weeks), then I would like to extend an offer to apply to my brand-new Email Excelerator program.

Applications Close Thursday, March 28th – Very Limited Spots Available – Apply Today

You can find all the details right here:


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