10 Places You Should Collect Email Signups for Your Online Business

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Yesterday we talked about the importance of having a well-optimized landing page to collect email signups.

But what about the rest of your site? How do you get people to your landing page?

Today I’d like to share ten places you should add a call to action to that sends your reader to your email opt-in page.

Although you often see email opt-in boxes directly on the website, it might be easier for you to use a simple call to action button if you’re not tech savvy enough to add the opt-in forms directly onto the page.

Here are ten perfect places to capture email subscriptions.

Home Page

If you’re trying to collect signups the first place you put your opt-in form is on your home page. That’s where most people click to, so it’s a natural call to action.

About Page

If you’re a business, your about page isn’t really about you. It’s about what you can give to them. If you provide them with something valuable for signing up, it should be front and center on your about page.


Have a call to action in your sidebar if you have a blog that allows for one. If you can make them look good, it’s worth the effort, but other signup strategies usually outperform my sidebar forms.

Landing pages

If you run ads, you should have a dedicated landing page for those ads that collect emails. If you’re running an ad that goes straight to a home page with no obvious call to action, you’re going to lose a lot of subscribers that otherwise would’ve signed up to your email list.

Blog page

Some website themes allow you to create a dedicated opt-in area above your posts on the blog page. It’s a good place to have an opt-in if you’re a blogger because your reader is likely to click through to your blog if they’re interested in what you have to say.

Below posts

If you create a killer article that everyone loves you should give them a reason to subscribe to your email list at the end of it. If you gave them some incredible information, they’d give you their email address in a heartbeat.

In a smart bar “above” your website

I like the smart bar that hovers on the top of some websites. Sometimes it’s challenging to write concise enough copy to entice the reader to subscribe, but that alone is a valuable exercise in copywriting.


Probably the most controversial method of collecting signups. Are they annoying? Yeah, maybe. Do they work? Absolutely. If you’re not using popups to collect email subscribers, you’re leaving money on the table. Simple as that.

Social Media page

If you run social media ads, then it’s likely that people will click through to your page to check you out. Use the real estate in your profile to promote your lead magnet.

Welcome mat

I really like the Welcome Mat from SumoMe. SumoMe offers a ton of useful email and content marketing tools, and the Welcome Mat is one of my favorites. It’s kind of like a friendlier version of a pop-up.

Double Your Subscribers

I can almost guarantee that your subscriber count will go up overnight if you start implementing these practices. A few select opt-in forms that draw attention to themselves will immediately make your list grow.

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