A New Approach to Understand Your Customer so You Succeed in Your Niche

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I believe that in order to succeed as a society we should strive to understand each other better.

As far as crazy ideas go, that one’s pretty sane. Yet, somehow always out of our grasp.

Understanding the customer is to understand the people you are trying to serve. We are all customers in some shape or form. It’s a part of being human. It’s how we interact with the social construct of Capitalism we created ourselves. By helping businesses better understand their customers, I hope to bring a more human aspect to the often cold, corporate interactions brands have with their consumers.

It’s why I created a brand-new way to approach your business.

Introducing – The Customer Canvas

The Customer Canvas is a customer-centric approach to understanding your customer so that you succeed in your niche.

I have devoured a lot of business books, both as a form of self-improvement, but also through my degrees in both Entrepreneurship and Business Economics.

I invented this canvas after ten years of serving a small, niche audience in the music industry over at www.audio-issues.com. It borrows from the best thought leaders in the industry, such as Ramit Sethi, Russell Brunson, Eric Ries, Dr. Angela E. Lauria, Graham Cochrane, Martin Lindstrom, and many others. Without their books and mentorship, I couldn’t have put such a disparate group of ideas together.

The Customer Canvas is an adaptation of the Lean Canvas, which is itself an adaptation of the Business Model Canvas. The Customer Canvas puts the focus on the customer first by helping you put yourself in their shoes.

The best part? I want you to have it for free.

Click here to download the printable Customer Canvas as well as the Customer Canvas Cheatsheet that walks you through how to fill it out.

Businesses are nothing without their customers so it’s my hope that the canvas helps you get laser-focused on exactly who your customer is and how they can guide your business towards success.

Watch Me Present the Canvas?

If you’re in the local Tucson, Arizona area, I will be speaking at Startup Coffee about the Customer Canvas and how the Customer Discovery process will help your business find focus.

1-On-1 Customer Canvas Coaching

If you want a personalized walkthrough where we fill out the canvas together and you end up with a tightly defined customer archetype that your business can serve, you’re in luck.

I have a handful of slots in July for 1-on-1 sessions and I’d love to help you find, understand and focus on your customer so you can succeed.

Here’s where you can go to apply.

Looking forward to learning more about you,


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