A Simple Welcome Sequence You Can Use Right Away

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This week we’re talking about what happens once your subscriber is on your list.

Yesterday we talked about the importance of the Welcome Email. Today I wanted to show you the simple structure of a welcome sequence you can use right away to deliver value, start a relationship, and build trust.


  • Email #1 – Lead Magnet: If you don’t have this done yet, here’s where you go to start.
  • Email #2 – Add Value: I recommend adding value with more solutions to your subscribers’ problems. In this email, you can add massive value and build credibility by solving a burning problem for your customer you know they have.
  • Email #3 – Personal Story: Here you can introduce yourself more, talk about your brand and tell your subscriber how you’ve helped other customers like them.
  • Email #4 – Value-Sell: If there’s a specific product or program that’s more popular for your ideal customer, you can talk about their problem in a value-driven way, sprinkling in good content that helps them out. Then at the end, you introduce your product as the solution. Bonus points if you can add an element of scarcity to make them act now.
  • Email #5 – Reminder to Purchase: You shouldn’t feel bad about hard-selling to your list at least once. You are running a business after all. You can also use this email as an opportunity to answer frequently asked questions, share case studies or remind them of your element of scarcity (such as a discount or free bonuses).

That’s the bare bones structure of your first funnel. I’ve been working on some scripts that you can use to create your first email funnel and I’d love to know which part of the funnel you have the biggest problem with.

Contact me here let me know if you’re interested in some fill-in-the-blank scripts and I’ll see what I can do!

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