What Happens When You Create Awesome Emails That Do the Marketing For You?


Hey there and welcome to the first blog post in the Awesome Email Marketing series.

As you may already know, my name is Björgvin Benediktsson and I’ve been using email marketing to build an online business in the music industry for the last decade.

I’ve sent thousands of different emails to my readers:

  • Valuable tips and tricks to help them out
  • Funny stories and anecdotes to share my personal journey
  • Case studies to help them relate to other subscribers
  • Sales emails to sell my products and services

I created this site because I noticed that people thought email marketing was hard. They were worried about sounding stupid when they wrote to their subscribers. They didn’t have the confidence to think their writing was any good. And they didn’t understand the technology needed to effectively use email marketing to increase their online presence and grow their creative online business.

Luckily for you, in the last ten years, I’ve studied everything about email marketing I’ve been able to find.

Email marketing is a very straightforward and easy thing for me.

  • I’ve written 1,000+ blog posts and emails, never running out of fresh ways to share stories about the same subject.
  • I’ve grown my email list to 37,000+ subscribers that are interested in my niche subject, audio production.
  • I get about 100 subscribers every day onto my email list, where they’re sent valuable and informative emails, on autopilot so that every subscriber gets the same great experience.
  • It only takes me about 30 minutes to write a simple email that can make anything from $150 – $500 every time (with special sales promotions and launches often making between $5,000 – $15,000).

It’s my goal to demystify this email marketing process for you so you can get more subscribers, feel more confident when you’re writing, and know exactly how to use email marketing to drive sales and grow your business.

This Blog is For You If:

  • You are a creative online business owner.
  • You have a website without an email system, or an email system that you don’t know what to do with.
  • You want to get more email subscribers, create funnels to sell your services and write confidently without feeling like a sleazy used-car salesman

Simply put, if you want to harness the power of email marketing to grow your business on autopilot…gain the confidence to set up your email system to promote yourself to your subscribers, through creative and fun emails designed to enlighten and entertain your subscribers, then you’re in the right place.

And finally, if you want to learn the email sales techniques to convert your engaged email subscribers into raving fans that want to buy your product or service, then I’ll share that with you too.

What Will Happen When You Learn Awesome Email Marketing?

When you learn how to use email marketing you will:

  • Make more money from your online business that will make your life easier.
  • Gain the confidence to sell your products so you can earn more money and live a better life.
  • Eliminate the overwhelming feeling of never knowing what to say when you want to write an email to your subscribers.
  • Grow your audience and grow your business at the same time.
  • Stop thinking that your subscribers don’t want to hear from you and start talking to them like old friends.
  • Stop writing boring emails that people hate, and instead write fun emails that entertain your audience.
  • Know exactly how to use a series of emails to create a sales funnel to sell your products, without worrying about whether you’re doing something wrong.
  • Never run out of ideas to send to your audience because you’ll always have a buffer of great tidbits and topics you can write about (in 30 minutes or less).
  • Know exactly which email marketing software you should use and how to set it up so your emails run on autopilot while you sleep or take a vacation.
  • Understand how to make the same subject matter fresh all the time, even if you feel like you’ve written about it a million times before.

Ready to Start Creating Awesome Emails?

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