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Meet Your Mentor

Hi! I'm Björgvin Benediktsson.

Don't worry, you can call me B. That's what my friends do so you can too.

I'm originally from Iceland but I've been living in the United States since 2010. I’m an author, educator, and entrepreneur and I help creative people transform their skills into income, grow their online business, and systemize their marketing to free up their time.

In the music industry, I’ve worked as a live sound engineer, a broadcast recording engineer, a professional touring musician, a freelance mixing and mastering engineer, and an audio educator since I started my career in 2006. I’m the author of the #1 Amazon best-seller, Step By Step Mixing: How to Create Great Mixes Using Only 5 Plug-ins and the business parable, You Get What You Give: A Simple Story for Finding Success in the Music Business.

Currently, I help music, audio and creative professionals transform their skills into income, grow their online business with digital products, and systemize their marketing so that they can spend more time with their family and friends while making a full-time living.

I'm a marketing strategist and mentor to multiple businesses, an advisor at the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Arizona, and have been a guest speaker at Phoenix Startup Week, SAE Institute Madrid, and the TENWEST Impact Festival. My advice has been featured in publications such as MusicTech magazine, Startup Tucson, The Huffington Post, CD Baby's DIY Musician's Blog, Audiotuts, and the SAE Institute.

I’ve been known by many as the go-to expert in online marketing, most specifically passive income through digital products, using email automation and customer understanding to make more sales with stronger copywriting.

Unlike all-in-one consultants that give you an exhausting buffet of options that makes you queasy, I give you the right recipe to create a profitable business that gives you the freedom to create what you want, when you want.

The core mission behind my work is to teach creative people like you the mindset that takes the sleaze out of marketing and selling, the success strategies that help you overcome your imposter syndrome, and the entrepreneurial principles you need to grow your business in today’s digital age.

In short, I simplify your business so that you can enjoy the freedom to create what you want when you want. 

My clients include:

  • Musicians, producers, and artists
  • Creative entrepreneurs and freelancers
  • Coaches and consultants
  • Professional service providers
  • Online business owners

When I'm not teaching entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives how to succeed, I like to hang out with my wife, daughter, and dog in Tucson, AZ, drink craft beer and read comic books.

Looking forward to helping you go pro and grow your business!


Here’s What You’ll Get From the Creative Business Bootcamp:

You’ll Attract More Customers, Clients, and Fans

In order to grow your business, you need a predictable marketing system that captures leads and grows your audience so that you can make an income with your creative skills.

You’ll learn the Fast Leads Framework that captures your audience’s attention and grows your email list of subscribers and customers. You’ll set up a lead generation strategy to build your email list of your perfect client, and develop a nurture sequence to convert those leads into customers.

You’ll Increase Your Impact With Authentic Marketing

Should you make TikToks? Blog posts? Youtube videos? Instagram carousels or Facebook Lives? With the number of different content types and social media sites out there, it’s more overwhelming than ever to increase your online presence, attract customers and grow your career.

However, it’s a lot easier to figure it out than you think, and with the Continuous Content Loop, you’ll create a content strategy you actually enjoy doing that increases your online presence, grows your audience, and helps the people you want to serve become your customers and clients.

You'll Create Products and Services That Sell

You’ll never become a six-figure creative online without a diversified income stream of products and services you can sell, products that you can sell without needing to put in more time. This enables you to scale past the six-figure mark and beyond.

With the 4P Profit Process, you’ll create a product strategy that scales your business and earns you an income without taking up more of your time. This is the ultimate freedom that comes from a successful online business and something that allows you to work on whatever you want, wherever you want.

You’ll Get Feedback and Coaching for Continuous Improvement

Get constructive feedback on your music, marketing and business systems so that you can grow faster. We’ll critique your work portfolio, copy, your messaging, your pricing and your product and service ideas to make sure they’re as strong as possible.

You don’t need to go it alone, and by getting coaching from a seasoned professional with over 12 years of experience in the audio industry and the online business world, you’ll get proven feedback designed to move the needle of your music business.

Who Is This For?

The Creative Business Bootcamp is for musicians, producers, audio engineers, and other creatives who want to increase their online presence to attract more clients and diversify their income streams so that they can make more money by working less.

How Much Time Will it Take?

You will need about 5 hours a week to succeed inside the Creative Business Bootcamp.

  • One hour dedicated to watching our materials
  • One hour dedicated to joining the coaching calls and getting answers to your specific questions to help you make an impact with your career
  • Three hours for applying what you learn and building out your business

Enroll in...

Creative Business Bootcamp

How To Build, Market and Promote Your Creative Business, Without Feeling Annoying and Sleazy

If you want to make a full-time income with your creative skills but haven’t found the success the gurus have promised you, this six-week program will show you the same process I've used to create a six-figure creative business.

  • Uncover the real rate you need for your business to be sustainable.
  • Optimize your online platform and grow your online presence with automated marketing systems that free up your time with simple marketing funnels that engage with your customers.
  • Discover how to attract ideal clients and customers and learn to disqualify clients who will bring you more pain than gain
  • Gain the clarity you need around value-based pricing (or: when does an hourly rate make sense and when can you make more money with a project rate)
  • Learn how to reach six figures in your business and exactly what you NEED to do to get there, depending on your location, your market, and your experience

I am only taking a limited amount of students each time to keep our cohorts intimate so that you get as much personal attention as possible.

I am excited to share my experience from building a business from the ground up in the last ten years as well as the strategies that I have taught other business owners and entrepreneurs as a digital marketing strategist and mentor.

WARNING: This is NOT a Course. This is an Interactive Group Coaching Program Where You Get Personal Help and Attention From a Seasoned Mentor and Online Entrepreneur


Here’s How The Program Will Work:

  • Kick-Off Strategy Call: At the beginning of your program, I’ll help you create a goal to achieve in the next six weeks. Examples include:
    • Moving from free to paid work
    • Raising your rates
    • Attracting more clients
    • Diversifying your income streams
  • Coaching Calls: 60-Minute group coaching calls every week to help you achieve your goal and get clarity on what you should be focusing on next. If you cannot attend a call you can always submit questions ahead of time and watch the replay to make progress on your goals. You will also get actionable advice in the community group that you can apply to keep your marketing momentum going. 
  • Topics include:
    • Defining Your Worth and Finding Your Rate
    • Creating a Powerful Portfolio to Wow Your Potential Clients
    • Creating Your Simple 3-Part Online Marketing Strategy to Attract New Clients
    • Creating The Business Systems You Need to Succeed Without Feeling Overworked and Underpaid
    • Creating Your Product Suite to Create a Diversified Income Stream
    • Topic Specific Q&A to Get You Unstuck 
  • Lifetime access to the coaching call recordings for future reference
  • Lifetime access to my personal business development and marketing vault
  • Lifetime access to our private business coaching group

Program Starts Again May 4th, 2022

These are weekly calls held on Wednesday at 11 am Pacific Time. If you cannot attend a call you can always submit questions ahead of time and watch the replay to make progress on your goals. You will also get actionable advice in the community group that you can apply to keep your marketing momentum going.

You'll get constructive feedback on your marketing and business systems so that you can grow faster. We’ll critique your copy, your messaging, your pricing and your product and service ideas to make sure it’s as strong as possible. 

You also have replays of previous coaching calls to refer to if you want to accelerate your success and fast-track your momentum.

Coaching Call Replay #1 - Kick-Off Call

We’ll create an Online Presence Action Plan so that you can get measurable results from your efforts in the next six weeks. We’ll do an Online Presence and Audience Assessment so that you can start creating momentum and grow your business.

Coaching Call Replay #2 - The Fast Leads Framework

You’ll set up a lead generation strategy to build your email list, and develop a nurture sequence to convert those leads into customers. You’ll receive fill-in-the-blank scripts and swipe files so that you can easily set up your 3–Part Marketing Strategy in an afternoon.

Coaching Call Replay #3 - The Continuous Content Loop

You’ll create a system to ensure that you never run out of ideas to create content to send to your list and promote your brand on social media. You’ll set up the same system I’ve used to crank out thousands of pieces of content in the last year so that you can easily crank out quality content whenever you want.

Coaching Call Replay #4 - The Product Suite Strategy

You’ll discover the diversified income stream strategy for reaching six figures and beyond. You’ll understand how to price your services and products so that you can grow your business without hustling 80 hours every week just to make ends meet.

Coaching Call Replay #5 - The Amazon Author Strategy

You'll learn how you can increase your authority and establish yourself as an expert in your field by publishing short, non-fiction, low-content, or no-content books. I'll walk you through the process I take to sell 20 copies of my best-selling books on Amazon every day and how you can set yourself up for success on the internet's biggest marketplace.

The Iron-Clad No-Brainer Guarantee:

It’s hard for me to show you exactly what you’ll discover on the inside without actually giving you access, so that’s why you’re backed by my 100% satisfaction guaranteed. When you join this program, I guarantee you’ll walk away with the clarity and confidence you need to go pro and grow your creative business.


Put simply, if you don’t know EXACTLY how to turn your skills into income, find clients, and charge for your work by the end of the six weeks, all you need to do is email [email protected] and I will happily refund 100% of your money - no questions asked.


Your Investment:

If you’re still reading I’m guessing that you’re excited about joining me on this journey to help you succeed. But I also know that I haven’t gotten around to what I’m guessing is your #1 question…

“How much is all this going to cost me?”

First of all, let me assure you that this is 100% an INVESTMENT in your business. If you join the program, attend the calls and take action you will set yourself up for making a return on your investment....or your money back.

My Goal Is For You to Make a Return on Investment Immediately

This program is a no-brainer to join and I’m only offering this price to the first five people after which time I will close the doors to focus on the new students.

It won't be cheap because I expect you to value the investment you're making in yourself.

However, I guarantee that you will feel confident that your investment will bring value to your business, whether you're starting to freelance, struggling to get gigs or want to grow your business.

That way you won’t be leaving money on the table. And best of all, you'll immediately make your money back just by starting with a real rate that makes you money without burning yourself out.

I have spent thousands of dollars on business education and I’ve ALWAYS made a return on my investment by applying the principles of my mentors.

Whether I was learning from Ramit Sethi's $2,388 Zero to Launch program, growing my business with James Wedmore's $3,474 Business by Design system, or scaling through the $10,800 Peaceful Profits coaching program (not to mention the $100,000 university degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship), I have made my money back many times over and it is my goal to share those lessons with you so that you may succeed.

So if you’re looking to go pro with your skills, attract clients that want to work with you, and charge a livable rate that makes you feel valued, join the Creative Business Bootcamp now.

In Addition to Personal Business Coaching, You'll Also Get These Premium Courses for Free When You Join

The Customer Canvas - The Creative’s Method of Marketing Without Being Sleazy and Annoying ($47)

I invented this marketing canvas after ten years of serving a small, niche audience in the music industry over at and I've spoken about the process at Phoenix Startup Week, The TENWEST Impact Festival, and the University of Arizona's Eller College of Management. 

The Customer Canvas will help you strengthen your copywriting and messaging so you can attract more customers to your business.

The Profitable Platform - The 5 Invaluable Lessons for Building an Automated Platform That Saves You Time While Growing Your Income ($197)

After these five lessons, you'll have everything you need to create an online platform that can spread your message without you. And it won't take you ten years of trial and error like it took me.

Creating an online platform to grow your business and get your time back is a secret weapon that can pandemic-proof your business

These are the foundational principles of creating a profitable business.

If you want to get more clients and customers to increase your income using the techniques and strategies you'll learn in this five-hour course, The Profitable Platform will show you exactly how it's done.

PLUS: A Digital Copy of You Get What You Give: A Simple Story for Finding Success in the Music Business

I wrote You Get What You Give for any creative freelancer or entrepreneur who wants to grow their side-hustle into a sustainable and profitable six-figure business.

What you will find inside the book are some of the most important lessons I've learned as an entrepreneur in the last ten years.

I've found these lessons to be the core building blocks of a sustainable business and now you will have the opportunity to implement them in yours to grow your career.

"Do your future self a favor and get this book"

"Björgvin hit this one out of the park. I love how he shares so many anecdotes from his real experiences that we can all relate to. His technical expertise speaks for itself. And although I was running a successful private recording studio I still have found myself learning so much from his experiences that I always purchase everything he publishes as soon as it is available. This man is the real deal. He really wants independent artists to succeed and his technical knowledge is on point. I love this book and I recommend it to anyone who wants to really up their game in the new music industry as an artist, engineer, or musicpreneur. Do yourself a favor and purchase this very real and inspiring piece of work. Your future self will thank you."

-Rebecca De La Torre, Music Producer and Studio Owner

"The “Go Giver” Meets Rolling Stone"

"A number of business authors try to use the parable framework but few do it well. You Get What You Give is the exception because the author is a gifted storyteller and also has deep domain expertise in the music industry. Anyone who is trying to start or has started their own entrepreneurial endeavor as well someone who has an affinity for the music industry will enjoy and benefit from this book. It is clear that the author cares deeply about his readers and has surpassed the goal of “giving deeply." A meaningful and fun read!"

-Gina Catalano, Fractional COO, Author, Entrepreneur and Business Coach 

"Concrete steps that will undoubtedly help someone start and grow a business"

"What a great little book. Why? It's filled with life-lessons. Of course, it's filled with concrete steps that will undoubtedly help someone start and grow a business (any business) -- chapter 5 alone is worth the price of admission -- but like any strong parable, the characters are human beings who learn and grow. And their growth models how to grow a business, yes, but also how to see value in other people. It makes you think about success, and what that looks like for you. I'm glad I read it and I'm going to read it again. It's one of those books you can return to and always find something fresh and useful to apply at work...or at play."

-Edward Elefterion, Musician, Theater Director and University Professor


Creative Business Bootcamp


  • The Creative Business Bootcamp: Six weeks of personal business coaching from a seasoned and established mentor to help you start and grow your business
  • Lifetime access to the coaching call recordings for future reference
  • Lifetime access to our private business coaching group 

Plus: Lifetime access to my personal business development and marketing vault

  • Bonus #1: The Customer Canvas ($397 Value) 
  • Bonus #2: The Profitable Platform Builder ($197)
  • Bonus #3: You Get What You Give: A Simple Story for Finding Success in the Music Business

The Bootcamp is Closed