Never Run Out of Content Ideas Ever Again

Learn Practical Strategies to Create Awesome New Content For Your Brand Or Business.

Whether You're a Writer, Podcaster or Video Blogger, This Free 4 Week Course Will Teach You To Consistently Create Killer Content To Reach New Subscribers, Customers and Fans.


Join the Free, 4 Week "Content Hacking Challenge" and Learn to Churn Out Remarkable Content Even When Inspiration Is Far Away and You Don't Know Where Your Next Idea Will Come From.

Let Me Ask You a Few Questions...

  • Do you struggle with content marketing and promoting your business and brand?
  • Do you wonder what you should talk about next to engage with your audience of potential customers?
  • Do you struggle to write a paragraph, let alone a whole article to promote on social media?
  • Do you have MASSIVE Marketer's Idea Block that stops you from creating anything new to market your services?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, the Content Hacking Challenge is for you. 

The Content Hacking Challenge walks you through each step of the process.

  • How to never run out ideas to help your audience, whether you're creating free blog posts or marketing premium products.
  • What tools you should use so that you never forget a single content idea, even if you're away from work and can't create it right away.
  • How to be authentic, personable and fun instead of sounding like a boring academic professor in your blog posts.
  • How to find the right style of content to create for your brand that shows off your personality and resonates with your audience.
  • How to create pillar content in your niche fast...that your audience will love!

If you want to grow your business through content marketing, sign up to the free Content Marketing Challenge below:

Who am I and Why Should You Trust Me?

Hi there, my name is Bjorgvin Benediktsson. I've been making a full-time living as an author, content creator and online entrepreneur since 2009, and I will be your teacher during the Content Hacking Challenge.

Why am I qualified to teach you how to create content?

Because I've successfully done so myself. I run a successful online business in the niche I am passionate about, audio and music production.

In the last eight years, I've written over 1,000 articles on audio production, authored multiple books, created numerous video courses and created plenty of different types of content for my ​audience.

I’ve created every type of content imaginable:

  • Blog Posts
  • Listicles
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • The list goes on...

From consistently creating new pieces of content online for my audience every week for years I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't.

It's my goal to compress these lessons down into easy-to-follow, practical advice you can use to promote your own business or brand, gain more exposure and ultimately make more money from your products or services.​

What Have Other People Said About My Advice?

Lij Shaw Podcaster & Music Producer. Nashville.

Björgvin Benediktsson has been a huge help to me in launching my online business! Through thoughtful coaching, regular mastermind groups, and mentoring he has helped me grow Recording Studio Rockstars, from a dream and a passion project into a sustainable online business reaching over 40,000 fans every month and growing fast.

Launching an online business is a tornado of options, constant distractions, quickly changing markets & tools. To try to do it alone often feels overwhelming with a hundred reasons to feel like giving up everyday. So you really need a mentor and community to guide and encourage you through the day to day challenges. I meet with Björgvin weekly to stay on track, optimize my strategies, and focus my business into achievable goals. That has been the best thing to happen to my business since I started. Plus it’s just super fun to hang out!

Björgvin has been a steady fountain of knowledge and encouragement that has kept me on track to launch my online business, and the lifestyle that I had only dreamed of. Thanks BB!

With his online business experience and achievements, Björgvin has been a real model to follow. The content he provides is phenomenal and helps me a lot by giving me ideas and direction on how to organize, monetize and implement my online platform as an artist and entrepreneur.

Chris Selim Recording Engineer. Montreal, Canada.
Chris Graham Small Business Owner, Columbus.

I tend to be a little more audio-nerd than entrepreneur. Because of this, I frequently have "small business blind-spots" which Björgvin has helped me to see and overcome. His advice on writing and email marketing have dramatically changed my business. When he speaks, I take notes.

"I've learned so much from working with Björgvin... Every idea I've ever told him about, it seems he's already done it and knows how to navigate through it. I love having him in my corner."

Kevin Ward Educator and Producer, Los Angeles.

Become a Content Hacker and Never Worry About Creating New Content for Your Audience

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