Customer Canvas Walkthrough at Startup Coffee [Replay]

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I had the pleasure of presenting the Customer Canvas, my customer-centric approach to finding, understanding, and focusing on your customer so that your business succeeds, at Startup Coffee yesterday.

My friend Nicole was nice enough to record the entire presentation for your viewing pleasure and education. This was the first time presenting this idea in public but I think the overall reception was positive so I hope you will enjoy it as well.

About the Customer Canvas

If you missed the previous emails about the Customer Canvas, here are a few articles for you to read:

Schedule a Customer Discovery Call

If you’d like to book a time to analyze your business and set yourself up for success by focusing on your customer, set up a Customer Discovery call now.

The Customer Discovery process is great for:

  • Creatives that want to understand their audience and build a following
  • Marketers that want to understand their client’s customers better
  • Entrepreneurs that are building a business and want to decrease the risk of failure.

If you want to grow a long-term business based on serving your customers and creating lasting value, then I highly recommend you start the process now. 

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