How To Crush It With Email Marketing, Even if You Don't Know Where to Start...

For creative online business owners and side-startup hustlers that want to dramatically increase their online presence, find more customers and grow their income with a simple marketing system that works on autopilot...

  • Are you struggling to promote yourself online because you can’t stay motivated and keep getting in your own way?
  • Are you procrastinating on your passion because you don't know how to grow your audience and promote yourself?
  • Are you doubting your skills and wish you had a long-term strategy to find your ideals clients and customers?
  • Are you missing the online marketing skills you need to gain credibility and authority in your niche?

In a word...are you OVERWHELMED with everything you need to do to promote yourself and grow your online presence...just to make a living?

Don't worry, you're not alone.

Here are all the different online marketing services available to you:

The Marketing Technology Supergraphic - With AAAAAAALL the services you can choose from...

Makes you feel like hyperventilating into a paper bag, doesn't it?

The worst part? You know you need to promote yourself to stand out, but you just don't know where to start...

You don't know what you need to do to to get clients and customers, so you end up doing nothing because you're worried you'll pick the wrong strategy. So you end up procrastinating on building your business.

You don’t know how to get people to your website or get them to pay you. You might not even know where to find them online.

You’re kind of stuck. You still make a living. Maybe you have a day job but your real passion is something creative that you know people get paid for. 

But you just don’t know where to get started because there’s simply too much to figure out.

The Only Online Marketing Strategy You Need to Succeed

What if I told you that I’ve been running my business with ONE marketing strategy for ten years?

In case you don't know me, my name is Björgvin Benediktsson and I am and online entrepreneur, audio engineer and musician.

But most importantly for you, I am your email marketing expert and customer discovery coach. I help creative online businesses grow their email list, engage with their audience through awesome content, and drive more sales with authentic and effective email marketing.

I have 10 years of experience running an online business, using email and content marketing as my primary marketing channel.

My Business at a Glance

  • 200,000 page views every month
  • 70 - 100 new email subscribers every day
  • check
    40,000 total email subscribers
  • 1,000+ pieces of content written and shared with my list
  • check
    Carefully curated email sequences generating over six-figures in annual revenue

My Business Results

100 New Subscribers/Day

My email software collects about 100 new subscribers every day

85% Open Rate

This is the open rate of one of my Welcome Emails, 35.5% better than the industry average.

High-Converting Lead Magnets

This landing page converted at 48% from Facebook ads, resulting in $0.9 per subscriber. After design tweaks, it now converts at 72% from organic Instagram reach. That means that out of a 100 people, 72 of them become subscribers.

$11,000 Product Re-Launch

This email sequence brought in more than $11,000 during a product re-launch.

As soon as you start researching marketing strategies, you immediately become overwhelmed with mixed messages.

Every day there's a brand-new business tactic that's all the rage!

Facebook groups, Instagram stories, Messenger engagement, etc...but the fact is that it all pales in comparison to email marketing when it comes to making money.

Yes, Instagram is great. Facebook Messenger has its place. But NONE of them drive sales like emails.

But I get it. You can’t waste time figuring out email marketing when you’re cold-calling clients for the millionth time. It's only Tuesday...

But wouldn't it be nice if those clients came to you because of your authority?


I bet that holds you back too? You don't think you're an expert so every email you write to your list feels lame or sales-y. You can’t risk damaging your brand with just one email. So you leave it alone and hope that your audience just wanders onto your website and buys your products and services.

Too bad that strategy is leaving thousands of dollars on the table...

If you're anything like other creative business owners, you:

  • check
    Have an email list you don't know what to do with, or don't even know how to start one...
  • check
    Know you should have an email sequence to introduce your business and a funnel to sell your services and products, but have no idea how to put it together...
  • check
    Wish you could get more subscribers to your email list, but you don't know how...

The money is in the email list, or so they say...but it's too daunting to figure it out on your own.

So you ignore your list and focus on something else.

And soon enough, it's six months later and you're stuck with the same problem. A trickle of subscribers every day at best. No content to entertain your audience, and certainly no email strategy to sell your products.

It becomes a vicious cycle that nags at you every time you put it off. 

Every time you put "email marketing" as next week's priority you're ignoring one of the easiest strategies you can use to grow your business.

But what if we could transform that vicious cycle into a value-driven email engine that grows your list, engages with your audience and sells your products…on autopilot?   

Introducing - Email Excelerator


How to Grow Your List, Get More Clients and Create a Sales System That Works Without You

The Email Excelerator is an in-depth, 6-week program designed to give you guaranteed results from your email marketing. 

  • 1
    Email Action Plan and Worksheets: Online Business Assessment and Action Plan designed around your goals and needs. You'll receive customer discovery worksheets to find, understand and focus on serving your customers. We'll analyze your systems and funnels and create a detailed step-by-step plan to grow your business. All you'll need to do is follow the plan and you'll be set up and running in five weeks.
  • 2
    Keep-Track Calls: Office Hours every week to stay on track with your business goals and email marketing strategy. This is when we review your progress and give you feedback on any sales and email copy you create for your business, including email opt-in pages.
  • 3
    Email Lifeline: If you ever get stuck implementing the action plan and can't wait for the next group call, you can get direct support via our Slack channel to keep you on track. Think of this as your lifeline any time you're feeling discouraged about your progress and need to know exactly what to focus on next.

"The benefit to my business was just bananas...tens of thousands of dollars in extra business"

"Like most audio engineers, I tend to be a little more audio-nerd than entrepreneur. Because of this, I frequently have "small business blind-spots" which Björgvin has helped me to see and overcome. When he speaks, I take notes. His advice on writing and email marketing have dramatically changed my business. I don’t think anyone has anywhere near as much experience as he does...He has had a huge impact on me learning how to write decent emails and the the benefit to my business was just bananas. It was tens of thousands of dollars in extra business just from like random people that had forgotten about me. It was weird how it instantly worked!"

Chris Graham

Mastering Engineer and Co-Host of the Six Figure Home Studio Podcast

Get Rid of Your Self Doubt With a Fool-Proof Email Strategy That Works on Autopilot

  • check
    Stop second-guessing yourself and learn the exact, step-by-step system to confidently promote yourself online without feeling sleazy or overwhelmed.
  • check
    Learn proven Silicon Valley startup  methods to help you understand and define your customer so that you can confidently reach out to new clients and customers on a consistent basis
  • check
    Optimize your online presence to capture more leads, grow your email list and create better content that promotes yourself and your business more effectively
  • check
    Eliminate procrastination and get motivated to finally set yourself up for success

Here's What You'll Learn:


Customer Discovery worksheets and email action ACtion Plan

Get rid of your hesitation and start doing customer research to identify your ideal client.You'll create a customer avatar that will guide you throughout your online business journey.

You will fill out a Customer Worksheet to help you find, understand, and focus on your ideal customer and client.

In addition, you will receive a detailed Email Action Plan to follow throughout so that you know exactly what to do at each step of the way. This will become your battle plan to launch and find your audience.


How to grow your email list with the right content

Learn where your target customers hang out online so you can focus on creating content and developing products and services you know your customers like.

This will guide your content marketing strategy to grow your fan base and improve your online presence.

You'll learn to create content that makes your readers feel like you understand their problems better than them, making them like and trust your content. Understanding your customers will mean that you'll never feel insecure or dumb about what you're going to tell them about because you already know what they want to hear about from you. 


how to make your email system work for you

Learn to use productivity tools to create systems that make it easy to build your email marketing campaigns, even if you only have a couple hours/week to do it on the side.

In addition, you will learn how to create the Continuous Content Loop, a survey system that helps you understand your subscribers better and engage with them more efficiently. With the Continuous Content Loop, you'll never run out of cool ideas to share with your readers.

If you're wondering how I can respond to each survey response personally while running two online businesses, participating in mastermind groups and having a social life, this is when you'll learn to systemize your email marketing.


Lead Magnet and landing page creation

By this point you will have created a Lead Magnet and set up a landing page to persuade your website reader to subscribe to your email list, improving your website conversions.

Learn how I get 50 - 100 subscribers/day and how you can increase your landing page conversions to grow your email list. You'll learn about headline writing strategies, copywriting techniques and on-page conversion optimization.

If you do not have landing page software and use Wordpress, you will be provided with Thrive Architect to create your landing pages (the same software that made this page).


Welcome sequences and sales funnels

You'll learn to create a Welcome Email and your first sales funnel that won't make you feel sales-y and scammy.

You'll learn best practices about building a relationship with your subscribers so that they know, like, and trust you.

You'll implement an email sequence designed to sell your services and/or products that runs in the background without you, on autopilot.


How to create lasting customer relationships

Learn how to nurture your clients and customers to keep them coming back with your Double-Survey System that collects customer feedback, user stories, and testimonials that you can use to increase your sales even further.

In addition, I'll show you some advanced email confirmation techniques that bring in thousands of dollars every month before wrapping up the program with your next steps moving forward.

See what people have to say about my email marketing expertise:

"how to define my customer archetype was very valuable."

"Learning from Björgvin how to define my customer archetype was very valuable. It allowed me to create a lead magnet that has increase my subscriber rate. Taking this course has also allowed me to set up an email funnel that allows me to learn more about the people subscribing. Which is super valuable to me and them. With these tools I’m now on the right course to be able to release a product in the future.”

Niclas Jeppsen

Audio Engineer and Podcaster, Your Audio Solutions

"If you are struggling with digital engagement you need to bring Björgvin YESTERDAY""

"Björgvin was a life saver for our team! Not only did we immediately see open-rates and engagement skyrocket, but TENWEST Festival wouldn't have been the same without him! We were under pressure and didn't have very much time to come up with a marketing strategy when Björgvin stepped in to save the day. He was able to quickly assess what communication strategy we needed and through his awesome email marketing advice, he helped us to create a solid audience engagement campaign that our attendees loved. His brilliant writing captured the spirit of our team perfectly and delighted our attendees. In fact, people came up to me during the festival just to tell me what a wonderful person I must be because of how excited and happy I sounded in our emails! If you are struggling with digital engagement you need to bring Björgvin YESTERDAY"

Dre Voelkel

Director of TENWEST Festival of Innovation

Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back...

I guarantee that by following my advice you will see a HUGE improvement in your email marketing strategy in less than five weeks.

You'll know exactly where to find your ideal subscribers and customers, you'll know what content to create to get them to subscribe to your email list, and you'll know exactly how to sell your services and products via email so you can focus on growing your business.

If you do all the work and follow my advice during the Excelerator and don't get results, I will pay you 100% of your money back.

Your business will transform once you use the power of automation and email marketing to get more subscribers and convert them to customers.

"I take my guarantee very seriously. I am not interested in keeping your money if you don’t learn anything from what I’m creating for you.

"Sold over $14,000 in the first couple weeks"

"With his online business experience and achievements, Björgvin has been a real model to follow. The content he provides is phenomenal and helps me a lot by giving me ideas and direction on how to organize, monetize and implement my online platform as an artist and entrepreneur. He helped me tweak the sales page copy for my first online course launch I did via email and it wouldn't have been the same without him. That course sold over $14,000 in the first couple weeks."

Chris Selim

Music Producer behind the Mixdown Online Youtube channel

Imagine: In 6 Weeks You'll Gain 10 Years of Email Marketing and Online Business Experience

Bypass the 10-year learning curve of starting your own online business. I've been running and online business for ten years and it's my goal to download all of that knowledge directly into your brain in only six weeks.

Overcome the Paralysis of Not Knowing What to Do Next With Your Online Business...

You don't need to worry how to get started. We'll do it together and I'll tell you exactly what to do, and in what order to do it.

If you're overwhelmed by the logistics of email software...feel scared that you sound dumb in your emails...or simply don't know where to find your ideal email subscribers, you'll learn exactly what to do during the Email Excelerator Program. 

Whether you already have an email list or want to start one from scratch, the Email Excelerator is for you:


If you're tired of your day job and want to make money doing what you love, this program will show you a step-by-step system to create a profitable online business in the industry of your choice. 

Looking forward to hearing more about your business!


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