How to Build a Content Machine So You Never Run Out of Ideas


One of the biggest problems I’ve heard from you this month is that it’s hard to keep coming up with content ideas for your online business.

I was on the phone with one of my Email Excelerator applicants, and he couldn’t help himself. He asked, flabbergasted,

“How do you write so much?”

Simple, I have a system that makes sure I never run out of ideas.

We already talked about my process for writing over 1,000 articles, but coming up with ideas to share with my audience goes a bit further.

The Continuous Content Loop

I use something I’ve dubbed the Continuous Content Loop that helps me understand and engage with my audience in the best way possible.

It’s comprised of:

  • The Welcome Email – Where I ask the reader to respond to a survey so I can know how to help them better, whether that’s through more free articles or premium training.
  • The Problem Survey – The survey collects data so I can notice trends and see what the hot button issues are. For instance, “coming up with content” pops up over and over in my surveys on this site, and “mixing, EQ, and compression” always pops up on Audio Issues.
  • The Zapier Reply System – I’ve set up advanced Zapier automation so that every time somebody responds to my survey, I get notified and Zapier creates a draft email in my inbox so I can respond to everyone personally in a short period of time. This is the least scalable part of the Continuous Content Loop, but it’s also the most enjoyable because I get to know people a little bit better and send them articles that are directly related to their problems (as opposed to them just getting the next random email I send out in the series).

These three things work in a continuous feedback loop so I never run out of ideas and am always on top of what my audience cares about.

If the Continuous Content Loop is something you’re interested in knowing more about, it’s all a part of the Email Excelerator.

I’m closing down the applications tonight so if you want to be one of the first to join, check out all the details below:

let's get started!

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