Ignore 95% of Your Customers at Your Own Reward


You may think it’s overwhelming to try to find your customers when there are so many competitors out there and you don’t know where to start.

But there’s nothing to worry about and here’s why.

One of my favorite books is I’m Not for Everyone. Neither are You by David Leddick. That’s the same mindset you should have when you are trying to define your ideal customer.

Whenever I mentor businesses I ask them, “Who is your customer?”

When they answer, “Everyone!” I know I’m gonna have a bad time.

One of the worst things you can assume when you’re starting your business is to think that “everyone” can be your customer.

It’s ridiculous to think that you can serve everyone, or even that everyone wants you to serve them. I guarantee that almost 99% of these so-called “everyones” is not even remotely interested in what you have to offer.

And that’s a good thing.

It’s a blessing to be able to eliminate almost everyone from your Customer Discovery. It helps you focus on who really matters. Who you can really help. And who you can really get results.

Think back to Mischa Marks from our previous post. He originally thought music lovers were his customer so he was always trying to sell his music.

He didn’t know what to do when that didn’t work so we went back to the drawing board and found the one customer he could help the most – Intermediate bass players that want to level up to the next level.

Not music fans. Not beginner bass players. Not people who want to learn to record bass (although he has that knowledge), but bass players looking to learn advanced techniques.

Let’s Do It Together

Say you want to work in the music industry. First of all, think about the problem you’re trying to solve.

Then, think about what skills could you monetize?

  • Your music production skills for rappers looking for beats?
  • Your social media skills for labels looking to improve their online presence?
  • Your writing skills for music magazines looking for content?

Once you have a good idea of who you’re trying to serve, let’s try to narrow it down even further by eliminating the customers that aren’t qualified for your services.

This includes:

  • People who are too advanced for your services
  • People who are too early in their business to take advantage of what you offer
  • People who don’t have the budget
  • People who have too big of a budget to take you seriously (you can come back to these later)
  • People who won’t ever invest in you because of their fixed mindset and unwillingness to grow
  • Trolls
  • Haters

At Audio Issues I predominantly help home studio musicians make better-sounding music by teaching them how to do it themselves.

I started Audio Issues when I was a student in audio engineering school as a way to process the stuff I was learning as well as paying it forward to whoever would read my tips. Long story short, I never really stopped writing and over time became an authority on helping musicians make their mixes sound better.

Over time, my customer became the person I had been at the beginning: musicians that were trying to record themselves in the home studio but were frustrated with how things were sounding.

Because I know my customer so well it’s easy for me to create products that I know they will like. That’s why my Step By Step Mixing book is consistently a #1 best-seller in its category on Amazon and has sold thousands of copies (and counting).

It’s also why when I launch a niche product, like my EQ Strategies – Your Ultimate Guide to EQ, it generates over $10,000 in revenue in a week. All from a $47 product.


And you know what I also do?

I ignore all the customers that don’t fit the criteria. Do you know who the customer for EQ tips is? Almost nobody!

For most of my products, I’m not focusing on professional producers with commercial facilities. Or live sound engineers that need technical set up help. Or songwriters who need help with their arrangements. People arranging and producing beats. People who don’t like to read. People who are too advanced. People who just started recording and aren’t yet to the mixing stage. And finally, and most obviously, everyone who doesn’t care about audio.

These people simply aren’t my customer over at Audio Issues.

Find, Understand and Focus on Your Customer

After a decade of running an online business and serving a very narrow niche market, I’ve developed a new kind of method to understand exactly who my customer is. I think these methods may help you too.

It’s called the Customer Canvas and it’s based on my education in lean startup methods and business strategy from my degrees in Entrepreneurship and Business Economics as well as my continued education and experience in the online education world.

I’ll be introducing it in tomorrow’s email so make sure you subscribe to the email list to get access.

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