Lesson #2 – How To Deliver Remarkable Value to Your Subscribers


All right! Time for lesson #2!

In case you’re wondering why I have SOOO much enthusiasm, it’s because I am totally faking it.

I played a 3-hour Mardi Gras show last night, and I am le tired.

But that’s ok, we’re all professionals here and when we say we’re going to do something, we get $#!t done.

How Do You Deliver Value?

If you followed yesterday’s lesson about finding where your ideal subscribers are hiding, then you may have discovered some useful things to keep in mind moving forward.


  • What topics pop up time and again
  • What questions are people asking
  • Is your ideal subscriber a certain demographic?
  • What are they struggling with that you know you can solve for them

This last thing is crucial because it’ll guide you on how to create valuable resources for your subscribers.

What Quick Solution Can You Offer?

When you’re doing your subscriber research, keep one question in mind at all times:

Is this something I can solve for someone quickly?

Don’t underestimate the value of solving problems for your subscribers. Some stuff is easier for you than you think. The bigger the problem you can solve in a short period of time, the more valuable it becomes. If I had the time, I’d draw you a graph, but I don’t want to bore you (or lose you outright) just because of my love for drawing out supply and demand Economics diagrams…

So, if you come across a problem your ideal subscriber has that you can solve with a quick one-page PDF or a 15-minute audio recording, then you may have a good idea for a lead magnet.

Wait. Hold up. What’s a Lead Magnet?

Your Subscriber Gift

A lead magnet is something super valuable a subscriber gets in exchange for an email address. That’s the first piece of value you will be creating for your subscribers, so it’s worth doing the necessary research so that you create something people actually want.

For instance, on Audio Issues, I’ve created a lot of different lead magnets over the years:

  • The Mix Translation Cheatsheet – A PDF for home studio musicians struggling to get their songs to sound the same on every speaker system.
  • The Quick Mixing Checklist – A collection of 110 questions to ask yourself when you’re mixing so you can mix better songs.
  • Crush It With EQ Course – A 5-day course on using EQ to manipulate your instruments to make your songs better.

Notice a trend there? It’s all designed to help them solve a small, specific problem. You’ve probably seen (and signed up for) a lot of different lead magnets over the years:

  • Free eBooks
  • Cheatsheets
  • Checklists
  • Webinars
  • eCourses

What kind of lead magnet will you create? Here are three questions to help you decide:

  1. What’s something you think is easy but your ideal subscriber struggles with?
  2. What trend pops up in your research?
  3. What do people always ask you about?

Tomorrow we’ll talk about the technical details of creating, packaging and delivering your lead magnet to your subscribers. Before that, I want you to take some time to decide what you’re going to create.

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