Lesson #6 – The friendly way of writing emails to your subscribers


Let’s imagine you moved to the other side of the world and started this super exotic and cool job.

This company has a brand new way of doing things that are super #innovative. They’re offering crazy value to their customers by helping them solve challenging problems.

You literally can’t wait to get started, but it’s kind of lonely on the other side of the world.

So you keep in touch with your friends from back home. You write them letters about the new company you’re working for. You tell them how excited you are to work for them and how awesome their products are.

You write these letters conversationally because you’re just chatting with your friends. Although they know you’re a serious person, they’ve never thought you to be a corporate stiff. So you crack the occasional joke while you share your personal story.

Then you finally get situated and start working. It’s even better than you imagined. So you keep sending your friends the occasional letter, and this time you mention some of the products you sell. Because your friends felt how passionate, knowledgable and excited you’ve been about these products, some of them check them out.

Turns out, it’s exactly what your friend Denise needed! She sends you an email back thanking you profusely for the recommendation.

And you didn’t even realize you were trying to sell something because you were just chatting with your friends.

That’s how you should view email marketing.

Think of your subscribers as your friends. You’re just sending them letters about the cool stuff that’s going on in your business.

You’re just trying to keep in touch. If you’re friendly and unapologetically yourself, then they’ll be more likely to try out your product if they have a problem your business can solve.

If you’re passionate about your business you can just do that:

  • Write five emails like you’re just emailing a friend.
  • Be yourself and talk about your business and how it solves your customer’s problems.
  • Then add a call to action to the bottom to whatever product you’re selling.

It’s as simple as that.


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