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Audio Issues

Audio Issues gives you a solid understanding of the various aspects of producing music. You’ll get easy to use, practical production tips about music production and audio recording. I try to give you everything you need to know when it comes to producing your own music in your home recording studio. Portfolio URL: http://www.audio-issues.com

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Icelandic Embassy Studios

We help you create a professional production filled with powerful performances to amaze your fans. Our team of two engineers gives you over two decades worth of experience in the audio industry working in genres from folk to metal. We strive to create an intimate and comfortable recording experience so that you can focus on creating

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5 Point Success Strategy

Are you an entrepreneur or artist looking to improve your online presence to reach more clients, customers and fans? Through my 7 years of online business experience I can help you create a strategy around your business, whether you’re an aspiring author, music professional or blogger. Portfolio URL: https://www.bbenediktsson.com/online-identities/

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$1,000 Musician

The $1,000 Musician Helps You Manage Your Music, Find More Fans and Grow Your Band…Faster. I write helpful advice on treating your music as a business, tips on saving time when you’re juggling booking gigs, finding rehearsal times and writing songs, and ultimately getting you to make your first $1,000 as a professional musician playing

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