Responding vs Reacting (Plus: Free Gift)


You lose control when you react to a situation.

Reacting is when something happens to you and you spiral downward without self-awareness.

Responding is when something happens to you and you deflect your emotions and reflect on what it means.

Stoic self-awareness will help you respond to the problem better. Knee-jerk reactions get you nowhere.

The world is reacting to itself like never before.

Maybe we should respond instead?

What will you do to make the most of your situation in the coming months?

Don’t react in panic. Respond calmly.

Maybe my 48-minute masterclass on understanding your customer and writing stronger sales copy will help you respond better to the needs of your current business.

I’ve uploaded the entire video for you to enjoy at your leisure here.

Please enjoy.



I’ll be sending out more masterclasses in the next week or so. Keep an eye on your inbox for the replays and please let me know what you think and what you learned.

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