Top 10 Reasons Email is Easily Your Best Marketing Strategy


If you’re struggling to decide between the social media marketing strategy du jour and email marketing, let me tell you why email is always going to be your best choice.

  1. Email is direct – People scroll social media mindlessly. They browse websites and scan your posts when they remember you exist. But they check email. This is huge because it gives you direct access to talk to your customers and fans. I love knowing that an email I’m writing will go out to thousands of people who open and read them. It’s much more rewarding than hoping Facebook will show my followers my latest status update.
  2. Email is personal – And because I know people are reading my emails, I feel like I can be more personal. More me. Not a business entity that needs to be cold and corporate. Just exactly who I like to be.
  3. Email doesn’t have to be perfect – When you write as many emails as I do, you’re bound to make mistakes – and that’s fine. I’ve overlooked grammatical errors. I’ve sent out broken links. I’ve forgotten to edit the subject lines. And the typos? Oh so many typos. But I’m fine with it. Nobody’s perfect.
  4. Email helps you become a better writer – However, the more you write, the better your writing becomes. English isn’t even my first language, but I think I’ve got the hang of it so far. The reason for that is that I picked up a writing habit and the necessity of email marketing to run my business made me a better writer.
  5. Email helps you understand how to use your words more effectively – The more sales emails you write, the more attention you pay to persuasive language and copywriting. When one sales email flops but another one brings in a bunch of cash, it makes you sit down and analyze your words.
  6. Email has a HUGE ROI – You have to be a special type of influencer to effectively sell products on social media. But with email, you can take your time and deepen the relationship with your reader so that they care more about what they’re buying from you. Email marketing helps you develop true fans and customers, not just whimsical buyers on Instagram.
  7. Email is quick – When you write emails to your friends, you don’t spend hours on it. Conversely, you shouldn’t stress about your email marketing that much either. It should be quick, to the point, and fun to write. You might be overwhelmed now, but with practice, it becomes easy.
  8. Email is great to fall back on – An email list is an asset. If I pay $2 per lead on a paid advertising campaign, that means that an email list of 30,000 people is worth $60,000. Obviously, a business can’t just break even so you have to figure out how to make a return on your investment or effort. But that’s also why email is so great to fall back on. If you know your audience and understand what they want, you’ll know what to offer them to make that return.
  9. Email is entertaining – I HATE corporate emails from brands that just want to send you the newest coupon to get a quick sale. It probably totally works, but it’s super boring. There’s no personality and it’s just a drag to delete from your inbox (never opening it in the first place because they trained you to think their emails were boring).
  10. Email is multi-media – You don’t need to be an academically strong writer to be good at email. You don’t even have to use that many words if you’d rather make a video, use infographics or add any other multi-media. I use a combination of writing, gifs, videos, and cartoons in my emails and it’s great mixing it all up.

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to use email marketing to grow your online business, you might be interested in tomorrow’s announcement.

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