What on Earth Should You Write About When You’re Stuck? Here Are 10 Ideas


Creating consistent content for your brand or business can be difficult.

I’ve written over 1,000+ articles on music production throughout the years. I’ve published most of them on Audio Issues, but some as guest posts on other publications, such as the DIY Musician blog, MusicTech Magazine, The Pro Audio Files, Recording Revolution and Audiotuts+ to name a few.

Throughout these 1,000 pieces of content, I’ve tried to keep it fresh by tackling my audience’s problems in various ways.

If you’re looking for ten ways of creating content that your audience will love, see if this list won’t help spark some ideas.

1. How-To articles

If you’re a natural teacher, the how-to article is a great way to get started. Teach people how to do something, and they will remember you for it. They will also remember you down the line when they need your services.

You can even make this into a regular series if you can structure these articles as a 101 class, with each lesson delivered weekly. Say you create a 5,000 word 101 class and break it down into ten different lessons, you’ve got enough content to last for ten weeks!

2. Interviews

A great way to gain expertise by association is to interview someone more successful than you. Interview someone more knowledgeable than you about a certain subject, and you’ll not only learn more about it yourself, but your audience will also thank you for it.

Reach out to other bloggers or experts, record the interview and then transcribe it. That way you’ll not only have the audio recording, but the text will help you rank higher on Google because of the SEO juice it provides.

3. Case Studies

Showcase somebody’s success story and their transformation from using your product and you not only get a great piece of content but also a killer testimonial.

Here’s a great 3-part questionnaire to ask for case studies and testimonials:

  1. What exactly made you want to buy [Product]?
  2. Was there a specific problem [Product] helped you solve?
  3. What has  [Product] made possible that wasn’t possible before?

From there you can structure a strong case study and customer story to which other potential customers can relate.

4. Product Reviews

I don’t do a lot of product reviews, but maybe that’s a perfect piece of content for you. I don’t want to be in a situation where I’ve created a nice relationship with a brand, and then they come out with a product I don’t like. I’d rather work intimately with brands I believe in.

However, product reviews are valuable from an SEO standpoint because people search for reviews when they’re making up their mind about a purchase. If they find your website you might get a dedicated follower out of it.

5. Video Posts

If you like being on camera then doing these same types of posts via video is a great way to put yourself out there. Youtube is a massive search engine for content and Facebook video is VERY popular.

6. Challenges

If you have an established audience, you can create a challenge for them to do something. For instance, I had a mixing challenge over at my Audio Issues site that challenged them to mix a particular song before a specific date to be entered to win some prizes.

A writing blog can do a writing challenge. A recipe/cooking blog can do a cooking challenge. If you’re a fitness instructor, you can go nuts with all the different types of fitness challenges you can implement to help your audience. The list goes on. You get the picture.

These can be very engaging to your audience. Technically this “How To Excel at Email Marketing” series is a challenge, but it was more a challenge for myself than a challenge to you guys. I hope that this knowledge can help you make better choices with your email marketing.

7. Stories

Telling stories is one of the fundamental things that make us humans relate to one another. Use funny anecdotes and humorous stories from your own life to talk about your brand, service or product.

I do this all the time. See: I Dropped My &$##”% Wedding Ring Into the Colorado River…

If you can find how something that happened to you this week is “sort of like” something that’s valuable to your audience, you’ve got a great story to tell.

8. Podcasts

If you don’t like the written word but love to talk, then podcasting is the way to go. You can do how-to podcasts, interview podcasts or news podcasts as content for your brand.

It’s easy to talk about something you’re passionate about so grab a mic, hit record and create a podcast episode. It doesn’t have to be syndicated to iTunes to become a piece of content. You can start small with an audio episode on your site to test the waters before you launch a serious podcast.

9. Curated Compilation

Creating a compilation of other people’s content is a great way to curate something you think your audience will like without needing to create all the content yourself.

Of course, don’t pass it off as your own and make sure you credit the original content creators. It’s also a great way to reach out to those content creators to create a relationship.

Email them and tell them how you featured them. Maybe they’ll link back to it or send their audience your way.

10. Giveaways

People love free stuff. Giving something away as an audience engagement tool works well. It builds goodwill and trust.

What Content Do You Create?

Those are just ten ideas off the top of my head to help you get started.

Which of these ten pieces of content sound the best to you? If you need help figuring out the best way to create content, I can help you out.

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